Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Delhi

Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Delhi

Ingrown Toe Nails Treatment Overview: Treatment, Procedure, Factors, Symptoms, Cost, and FAQs

Ingrown toe nails occur when the edges of the nails grow in the adjacent skin. This occurs in both men and women. Sweating is frequently associated.

Factors which cause ingrown toe nail include:

  1. Cutting nails incorrectly: Cut straight across instead a U-shape as it can cause edge of the nail to get embedded in the skin surrounding the nail.

  2. Irregular curved toe nails.

  3. Tight and narrow shoes.

  4. Toe nail injury including stubbing of the toe.

  5. Genetic predisposition.

  6. Some activities including football, soccer and ballet.

Symptoms of the ingrown toe nail include:

Swelling and pain in the skin next to the nail especially when pressure is placed on the nail. There may also be bleeding, pus discharge and overgrowth of the skin surrounding the nail.

Treatment includes:

Surgical nail avulsion along with phenolisation of the nail matrix. Sometimes antibiotics may also be required to control the infection.

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